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Marketing Campaigns and SMART Goals

  Developing and executing a marketing campaign can be a very complex feat to conquer. There are so many moving parts that are included with the planning of a campaign. This is why using a solid structure to plan and implement a marketing campaign is necessary in order to obtain the success desired. In this blog post I will be discussing the SMART goals framework and the role these goals play in creating a potentially successful marketing campaign. The SMART goals model stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. These words and the foundation for creating goals that are going to contribute to the desired outcome as it pertains to a marketing campaign. Let’s discuss what each of these words mean in the acronym SMART regarding setting goals for a marketing campaign.   The ‘S’ stands for specific. The goals that are being set for the campaign must be specific. This means we are not being general about what we desire. We are to be detailed about the reasons for