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Influencer Marketing

      As an involuntary content creator, myself, I like to take a look at the way in which other businesses and creators are conducting their content creations. I look at the purposes in which they are creating content for and how they are monetizing these creations. After all, the point is to make money as a result of the content that I am putting out. The conclusion that I have come to is that this world has changed so much due to the uprise of social media and online influencers. Influencers are being used to sell to the masses on their personal platforms and are making lots of money doing so. 🤑  Let’s take a look at how influencer marketing is impacting businesses and consumers.  What do you notice about this  type of marketing ? I have noticed that influencer marketing is more personable and much more influential, so big corporations and businesses are seeking out influencers to do their marketing. This is because viewers feel a sense of connection to the influencer and trus