Influencer Marketing

     As an involuntary content creator, myself, I like to take a look at the way in which other businesses and creators are conducting their content creations. I look at the purposes in which they are creating content for and how they are monetizing these creations. After all, the point is to make money as a result of the content that I am putting out. The conclusion that I have come to is that this world has changed so much due to the uprise of social media and online influencers. Influencers are being used to sell to the masses on their personal platforms and are making lots of money doing so. ๐Ÿค‘ Let’s take a look at how influencer marketing is impacting businesses and consumers. 

What do you notice about this type of marketing?

I have noticed that influencer marketing is more personable and much more influential, so big corporations and businesses are seeking out influencers to do their marketing. This is because viewers feel a sense of connection to the influencer and trust them because of the advice they give on a regular basis or because of the warmth they feel when consuming their content.

What strategies are they employing?

The strategies that these influencers are employing can be very different based on the individual influencer themselves. They are using emotion-driven content as well as content that caters to the younger generation. Each creator has their own niche that allows them to draw in viewers and keeps them coming back for more. And when they come back, if the influencer has partnered with a company, they will not only get the content they came for, but they will also be indirectly advertised to by businesses through the influencer that the viewers love so much. ๐Ÿ’•

What role do these influencers play in marketing?

These influencers play a major role in marketing. As I mentioned before, businesses are starting to use influencers to market their products and services. Influencers have the attention and trust of a portion of the population that businesses would not be able to readily access. By using influencers businesses are able to have access to a portion of the population and in a shorter amount of time. This makes working with influencers much more profitable than just doing their own advertising. ๐Ÿ’ฐ
How does the use of marketing perspective impact the relationship between the company and consumer?

Marketing perspective has a huge impact on the relationship between the company and the consumer. It helps companies understand the needs and wants of consumers, which can lead to better relationships. The company can cater to the consumer’s specific needs and desires when they get to know their target audience better. This creates higher levels of customer satisfaction, which encourages brand loyalty. Consequently, this helps the company be successful in the long run. ๐Ÿ‘

As we can see, influencer marketing has become very impactful upon viewers who consume content from their favorite influencers who have brand deals with other businesses. While I personally don't buy much from any influencers that I watch, there has been a couple of services that I have gotten because an influencer that I follow online mentioned it or because they did a review on a product that I might have wanted to try. With that said, influencer marketing is becoming an important part of the marketing strategy of many businesses in order to increase their reach and improve sales. In the future I think we can look forward to more of this type of marketing because it is so effective. This means that even though you may have been forced into creating content in order to promote your own work and services, you have unlimited possibilities in the future to partner with businesses, acquiring brand deals, in order to increase the income you are able to make. So being an involuntary content creator might not be so bad. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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