Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

Meeting Consumers’ Needs by Analyzing Digital Media


For this blog post, I chose to analyze The Voice show and brand. The Voice is an entertainment show where viewers to get see their favorite singers compete in a competition.  We are going to look at the way this brand meets the wants and needs of their target audience, how they handle their digital users, their effectiveness, as well as their use of mobile applications.

What was done successfully to meet the wants and needs of the target audience?

In order to meet the needs and wants of the target audience successfully, they create and encourage a space full of consistent interactions from the viewers. They survey the audience to get their feedback. At the end of each season, they ask the viewers how they can make the Social TV experience even more meaningful. This allows the audience to share what they want to experience and gives the brand an opportunity to capitalize on that.

How was the social and consumer experience addressed? Was this done successfully?

The social and consumer experience is being addressed through the goals that have been set by the brand. These goals are to extend storytelling efforts, to engage with the audience, and to create urgency by making each episode an event with live social activations linked to the on-air show. This means the viewer has to give their attention and participate on the spot. The success of this method is evident through the high levels of engagement from the audience through voting and commenting on the different social media platforms the brand has a presence on. The consumer experience seems to be the top priority when it comes to creating these shows because it was created purely for the entertainment of the viewer.

How were the digital media followers handled?

During the show, digital media followers are encouraged to vote in real-time using the tweeter platform. The brand also uses Facebook, Bitmoji, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tumblr to engage their audience. On YouTube they have the most subscribers of any reality series on broadcast and cable. So, I would say that this brand is doing a great job with handling and engaging with their digital followers because they keep coming back for more.

Is there something that could have been done differently to make that experience more efficient?

I don’t believe that there is anything more that could have been done to make the experience more efficient. The brand uses social media as well as surveys to see what the audience wants and to deliver engaging content. Collaborations with influencers and other social media platforms are done to keep the content fresh and entertaining. They are top all of the charts when is comes to views and audience engagement.

If the company is using a mobile application, how does the app meet the consumer's need?

Currently on the website, the brand has an invitation for the viewer to download The Voice Official App. They have conveniently provided a button to download the app so that viewers can have easier access to the features of the show. This includes voting for their favorite artist, watching exclusive footage, reading bios and profiles of their favorite singers, comparing their choices to that of other viewers, suggesting songs, earning points for selecting the correct winner, and more. I would say that the mobile app is also being used optimally for engaging the viewers and creating a unique user experience.


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